New Weapons: Shotel & Double Crossbow Pistol

  • A couple of new weapon idea’s.

    Weapon name: Shotel

    Class: Any

    Type: Secondary Weapon
    Use:** The Shotel is a short curved sword similar to a sickle and can be effectively used to reach around an opponent’s shield and stab them in vital areas. A useful off hand weapon to combat shields. To simulate the “reaching” around a shield. With each strike against a raised shield 50% of its total damage is done to the player.

    Damage: Low
    Reach: Short
    Speed: Quick




    Weapon name: Double Crossbow Pistol

    Class: Archer

    Type: Secondary weapon

    Use: A small crossbow pistol that can be strung with two bolts, which can be fired separately or both at the same time. Operated with only one hand it can be used with a shield. Its range is limited, not much greater than thrown weapons, but more accurate. And has a considerably longer reload time than other crossbows.

    Damage: Medium
    Range: Low
    Reload time: extremely long

    History: Some historical leeway would have to taken here because, as far as I know, double firing crossbow pistols didn’t actually exist. Crossbow Pistols did (see picture below), but only single shot. The ancient Chinese developed repeater crossbows, but these were two handed. So it would not be historically accurate.



    I tried to explain there use and implementation as best I could. I hope you understand well enough. Anyway just couple of random idea’s I thought would be quite interesting.



  • I really don’t like the idea of the man at arms getting a medieval sawed off shotgun.

    They can already dash out of attacks and run very fast, I feel like this would just give them too much versatility

  • Yeah I am not to sure about the Man at Arms owning a rage weapon but I can imagine it would be an excellent edition for the Archers set. Using the Crossbow Pistols would allow the Archer to act like a ninja, sneaking around looking for people to back stab.

    Also the Shotel sounds like it would bring an interesting new angle to the game. being able to reach around shields like that could really screw over some players.

    Thanks for submitting your ideas, we really appreciate creative work like this.

  • Indeed I agree. With further consideration the crossbow pistol would not really be suitable for the Man-at-arms class. Still would be a cool new weapon for the Archer class.

    The more I think about the Shotel tho the more I want one.

  • The Mace and chain (Flail) is also an interesting weapon that can go around shields.

  • @adamcel6:

    The Mace and chain (Flail) is also an interesting weapon that can go around shields.

    I’m sure I read in another that they are working on a Flail of some description. Hope so. A Flail would work well. Probably difficult to animate tho I would imagine.

  • Would love to dual weild shotels. Lautrec all up in these fights!

  • @Kaoskazin:

    Lautrec all up in these fights!


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