Introducing cavalry and jousting on new maps

  • I propose to introduce cavalry to the game. This should need some special animations:
    possibility to hit your ennemy with your horse to hurt him and make him fall.
    Possibility to hit him with a lance that could be broken eventually.

    Possibility to kill the horse or to make your ennemy fall from the horse.

    3 new games types on new maps (solo and multi)

    • cavalry versus cavalry
      -cavalry and infantry on the same battlefield
      -jousting (duel, tournament (reach 5 or ten victories)), possibility to kill or hurt your ennemy while jousting even if it is not the gool.

  • What? Again?
    Please stick to one of the thousand other cavalry threads.

    It’s not something you just include to a game like this. You can make up a whole new game around proper mounted combat mechanics.

  • No this game doesn’t need cavalry. There are like Siegbert said before me - Thousands of threads about this.

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