Another beta feedback. (38 hours played)

  • Hello,

    I’m causal player who enjoyed Chivalry 1 a lot so buying sequel was a nobrainer.

    The good:
    Game looks great graphically.
    Funny interaction between players.
    You can interact with many objects in the game. The flute is great, please add more stuff like this.
    There seems to be a lot of choices to customize your appearence.
    Objective based game mod is fun!
    Quick jump into the game.

    The bad:
    Class restrictions. Why do we need to choose class? I want to play the way i want and don’t want to be restricted by some predefined classes.
    Few weapon choices. Maybe my memory is bad, but in Chivalry 1 there were more weapon choices.
    There are many bugs in the game and for me the hit registering feels a bit weird. (week before release)
    Some of the special abilities seem worthless. Classes that use two hand weapons seem superior to any one hander classes.
    No battle horses.
    No proximity voice chat.
    There is very little innovation from the developers. (Considering Chivalry 1)

    Combat. (have mixed feelings about this part)
    Will there be enough content to keep me playing? I mean the game is fun yea, but after i finish getting all the ranks what else is there to progress? Could we get some tournaments and ladders maybe?

    Best regards.

  • yeah i wish they had proximity chat and different raiding factions like vikings, pirates. I would love to see a knight on a horse, maybe he can be used as a special but with a long cool down

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