Dual monitor, game keeps losing focus

  • This is more an Unreal engine 3 thing since I’ve seen another UE3 game doing it, but:

    When i play, I see the mouse jump outside of the screen on my second monitor now and then. During a fight, I frequently click at this point, which minimizes the window. When I tab back in, I’ve lost the fight and I’m dead… Super frustrating to say the least!
    Is there any solution for this, other than disabling the monitor temporarly? Most games don’t have this problem.

  • I’ve encountered many games that suffer from this problem, but for me this is not one of them (3x1920x1080 monitors, Radeon 5870 & Win7 x64).

    When I do encounter a game that suffers from it I use UltraMon’s option to “Lock mouse to active window”; it is configurable from the Hotkeys tab.

    Alternatively if you want a free solution you can use MouseClip.

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