Remapping controls

  • I know a lot of us remap our controls. I thought I would start a topic on it for new players that might not know what configurations people use and find success with.

    Personally, I use the same controls I used for Age of Chivalry.

    Mouse 1 - Stab (Tertiary attack)
    Mouse 2 - Overhand (Secondary attack)
    Mouse Wheel button - Swing (Primary attack)

    Mouse thumb button (block)
    Mouse Wheel forward (kick)

    Everything else default.

    Share your own custom control configs!

  • Mouse1 slash, mouse2 overhead, scroll forward stab, middle mouse block.

    Got too used to AoC defaults. And even though I was one of the first to request block and feint being the same key, now I’m so used to Q for feint I probably won’t bind it to block when the option is integrated into the game. :P

  • Was thinking of creating a topic like this, so here are mine:

    Attack 1\Slash = Left Mouse Button
    Attack 2\Overhead = Right Mouse Button
    Attack 3\Stab = E
    Kick\Shieldbash = Left Mouse Side Button

    Parry\Block = Middle Mouse Button
    Arrow Cam = Right Mouse Side Button

    I prefer total control over all my actions. The default mappings allows elements of randomness and will kill your middle finger fast.

  • I’m one the oldfags still playing on the arrow keys, so my setup is quite different form the standard. Unfortunately some of the keys I normally use are still unblindable, so the setup isn’t fully comfortable for me yet.

    LMB - overhead
    RMB - stab
    MMB - slash
    wheel up - secondary weapon
    wheel down - tertiary weapon
    mouse 4 - block
    mouse 5 - shove (kick / shield bash)

    arrow keys - movement
    num 0 - jump
    right ctrl - crouch
    right shift - sprint toggle
    \ - feint (this key is on the right side of the shift button on my keyboard)
    enter - use (can’t bind that yet…)
    num 1 - reload (can’t bind that yet…)
    del - primary weapon

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