Adding Chivalry as Non-Steam game to steam library

  • Is it possible ?
    After adding it, I get “Login error. Missing auth parameters”!

  • I also have that problem. I tried using every .exe in the game folder and no luck. All I get is login error missing auth parameters.

    I even tried creating a shortcut on my desktop using the Epic app. Trying to use that instead of the .exe caused a steam error.

  • The steam error is "Add a game Chivalry 2 Catastrophic Error "

  • I basically cheated on how I managed it. I renamed a small application Chivalry 2. In this case it was CPUID (small computer monitoring app). Then I added it as a non-steam game. So when I launched Chiv 2 in Steam it would launch CPUID but show up in Steam that I was playing Chivalry 2. Then I could play Chivalry 2 in EGS while still logged into Steam showing I was playing Chivalry 2. I did this throughout the Alpha and it worked just fine.

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