Get Rid of the Autobalancing

  • Please, for the love of god, get rid of the mid-game auto-balancing. I keep being moved from the winning team to the losing team and I can guarantee you I am not the one who is going to change their luck around. It is so damn annoying to be switch to the team getting wrecked each game.

  • Honestly the only people who get mad about this are people who team stack or are on the team that’s winning.

    Either way the auto balance isn’t the issue, tell your fellow combatants to not be cowards and stay on the team they were placed.

    Would much rather just see bots balance better. Right now if little Timmy decides to stack the bots don’t adjust. I feel like the team that loses one player should get two extra bots to balance instead of moving players though, especially mid game. No reason to change character slots, just use the bots to balance and voila.

  • I don’t mind the idea of auto-balancing, but what I don’t like is it takes the top performers and puts them on the other team instead of mid to low level players – which is a punishment for doing well for your team.

  • A simple fix would be to give players who are autobalanced credit for winning the match, regardless of its outcome.

    Other games (such as Overwatch) give you credit for backfilling midgame and while this isn’t the same situation, it’s similar enough that I think it’s a fair reward when you are balanced from the winning team to the losing team.

    Autobalancing really does need to stay in the game, at least on official servers, but rewarding players who are moved to the losing team with the points they would have gotten for winning pretty much solves the issue.

  • Why the auto-balancing need to stay in the game ? The battles are played on stages, so if one team is vastly superior the game will end quickly and you go to the next one without struggling long time.

  • @IamnotaJedi Honetly you dont use your brain, do ya?

  • @AutoBalanceIsBS +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

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