I die and do not respawn properly :?

  • Hey, i don’t know how many times i’ve had this . But trying to play with friends and a lot of times i don’t spawn anymore.The game goes on, i can find my character in game (while dead i fly arround) i just stand there and can only spin.Nothing else works, can’t attack, can’t block just watch my self spin to death.I as well just watch myself from the air.I tried changing teams, i tried specating and rejoining a team guess what does not work . Tried using the reconnect in console does not do anything at all even though it seems the command does exist.Suicide does not work as well.Also waited only once, but at the end of the game the other players move on to the next match i stay on the same one and it just says searching for a new game.Very annoying, and really sucks since i got this for the last 4 games i tried to play or so.Great game otherwise , please fix :(

  • Global Moderator

    It’s a known issue and TBS are working on it.

    By the way, the reconnect command does not work but the Disconnect command does.

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