Xbox series x m&k.

  • So im on series x using mouse and keyboard. The issue is that when i try to play as archer holding left or right click wont even let me charge up the shot, it just shoots. Does anyone else have the same problem? Also it wont let me change sensitivity for the mouse either…is it just poor opt for the m&k on consoles?

  • @TheAnswer Yeah I’m having the same issue. But what’s really annoying is you can’t change the key binds for m&k on Xbox idk if you on pc but why add the support for m&k and the game still registers you playing on a controller?

  • @Qskinnie its pretty dumb how we cant change keybinds on consoles. They need to update this asap.

  • Hi,

    1. same problems for loaded attack : I hold left mouse button for example, and it will do a normal attack, instead of loaded attack

    2. Other question : is there somewhere a list of all chivalry 2 default mapping inputs ? : I play M&K on xbox series X and havent find all input yet… :p

    3. very annoying to cant change this mapping I agree :(

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