Where are all the gamemodes?

  • Am I missing something, or is there only FFA, TO, and TDM?

    I enjoy Last Steam Standing and Capture the Flag so much. Although I enjoy Team Objective very much, I wouldn’t be able to stand it if it was the only gamemode.

    And also, dueling sucks! Not only are the “duel” servers just repurposed Free For All, but the required amount of people to votekick makes it so the server can’t even effectively keep randomers out. There isn’t a real efficient way to heal when dueling, unless you like running back to the ammo box every time. Why not just copy what the community did, and make an easy to access fountain that insta heals you?

    Better yet, include an actual duel mode. You don’t have to tell people “Don’t be a doob, follow the rules” if you put proper mechanics in place for the community to handle themselves. We can’t even make our own maps for modded because there’s no modding support yet. I assume that is in the works, as it was told, but there’s no confirmation on anything.

    Overall, I’m a little disappointed with the lack of gamemodes and the seemingly low amount of content for the price.

    I hope that more gamemodes are coming, because Last Team Standing is my favorite by far.

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    They say that they want to add “competitive gamemodes” in the roadmap whatever that means.

  • @Park0urDavid LTS is the only way to have a comp scene and make sense for chivalry. If we train, we want to involve and create a comp scene, it will be good for TornBanner too cuz we Will buy skins etc to have the same of our clan etc

  • @FSS-Arminius I agree. I don’t care much for a competitive scene, but I just want more than 3 gamemodes, especially when one of those is free for all which is trash in my opinion.

    @Skindiacus I hope that doesn’t mean an actual competitive matchmaking gamemode, considering nobody into the competitive scenes of these games actually uses them. Almost all competitive players do scrims and tournaments and detest the actual skill-based matchmaking.

    I just hope it means Last Team Standing and Capture The Flag.

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    @Park0urDavid Yeah I agree

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