Where is the in game voice chat? Why would it be in the options if it's nonexistent?

  • It’s been forever since I played Chiv 1 but I swear it was the same thing there. It was in the options but it doesn’t work? Why even have it listed in options? What’s the point of turning on open mic or push to talk?

  • I agree completely. I have no idea, and I refuse to believe that it has actually been implemented simply due to the fact that no one uses it. Not only does there not seem to be any UI feedback on mic usage, it just doesn’t have a lot of attention. I wish I wasn’t banned in the Discord, because then I could just ask a developer.

  • I heard how one player actually used his mic and spoke in it. But it happened in the beginning of the match, so I don’t sure that voice chat works properly. Anyway, most of the players don’t know the voice chat key.

  • Voice chat is only for your party, there is no global or team voice chat.

  • I hope it’s just for your party. Global voice would get really toxic real quick.

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