Where is chivalry 1 difficulty, mods and why bots ???

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    I am a lover of the 1st chivalry. It’s the game that rocked my life as a gamer. I am extremely disappointed and saddened by the lack of seriousness regarding Chivalry 2. Aim assist, sword assist … What are all those things that hold chivalry? Where is the difficulty of the first? Become a very good player by spending months or even years there. I cannot believe that you did like the Battlefield or CoD franchises: that is to say a game within the reach of all, where the difficulty is non-existent. I ask for explanations! Where is the content? How do you wage clan wars without Last team standing? Without Duel mode? How are we going to have fun in a TO-oriented game? Where are the horses? Where are the maps? 2 more maps since beta? Are u kidding me ?? I tell you that you are going to lose your most fervent lovers, I already don’t want to play Chivalry 2 anymore.


  • @Reithur can u tell me some explanations please ? Where is our Chivalry ? The True chivalry.

    Some things are cool in this one but bots, aim assist, no 1 only life mode, no horde… No duel… We need more or it will die

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    2 more maps since beta?

    Uh beta was last week

    Stuff like duel mods and LTS more will probably come later. Horses are also coming after launch.

    Aim assist is only for consoles, not PC.

  • I agree with most of what you said. I have no idea where my favorite gamemodes like King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and LTS are. They just seem to not exist and nobody really cares. It’s sad. I would also say that the game is more accessible than the first one with a lower skill ceiling. The game is still very enjoyable, but it’s the truth.

  • @Skindiacus the word “probably” scare me lol
    If I hve bought chivalry 2, this is for Clan War, train with my team etc we can t do LTS it s crazy, we can t create a priv serv to train with friends without bots ( wtf) 😭😅what happenend in tornbanner meeting when u have spoken about the game 😂 it s really beautiful( Map, character) but it s too much easy, u don t need a skill to be good, Just wait, hit and back up, wait, hit, back up… We really need a chivalry 2 exactly the same of chivalry 1. We don t need the bots like Alfredo to fill a serv we don t care to be less than 64 players we only want multiplayer game not pvp/pve. And man at arm was the only one able to jump back, why every character can do it everybody jump as rabbit it s boring. Chivalry 2 is a randy game, not the hardcore game we have met one time ago. Regrets.

    I really hope Tornbanner will update the game and listen to former chiv 1 players .

  • @Park0urDavid u maharold ?

  • @FSS-Arminius I have no idea what this question means.

  • @Park0urDavid 😂 thought ur gamertag was “Maharold” cuz I have already seen nearly the same name(D. Parkour) as u, sorry 😂

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