Game freezing constantly on PC

  • Playing at 1440p, ultra at locked 60 on i9 9900k/2080ti and regardless of using mouse or controller, the game will freeze mid animation or even when moving for a time ranging from a second or so, to five seconds or more. The game is installed on SSD and occurs weather using dx11 or dx12.

    I don’t recall ever playing a game where I have experienced freezing like this.

    Anyone having similar problems? Any solutions appreciated.

  • @Solo yup, i’d like to find a solution. I was having luck with just rebooting my pc and it would usually be normal.

    Seems that if it starts when i start the game, it will happen for the entire session. If it doesn’t happen in the first game, i can keep playing without issues.

    After the lockups, it always says poor connection briefly in the top left after i “come back”.

    I’ve tested everything, i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers, tweaked settings. I’ve tested CPU, GPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Operating Systems, eliminating software tha could be interfering to no end.

    This doesn’t happen in any other game so I’m kind of thinking it’s something with the game and not my hardware but I have no idea.

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