Kills not counting toward trophies

  • None of my kills are counting towards my trophy progress. I noticed on the Deus Vult trophy and tried all sorts of things thinking I somehow was only getting take downs as a knight, but even killing a freshly spawned enemy with 100% health solo did not count. This seems to also be affecting the other kill related trophies but other trophies seem to be working fine (specifically win on different maps ones)

  • Ok well unfortunately I haven’t seen this issue gain any traction in any of the places that I posted it, but if you’ve come here looking for solutions I can offer some tips. The class kills count on and off (mostly off) so just keep at it, it may have to do with the subclass but I’m not sure. For siege weapons kills, ONLY the ballista counts - no catapults.
    My last trophy is the Brave brave Sir Robin one, which I cannot get to work no matter what I try. I stopped counting games I got above 50 kills after 17. I tried both modes and every map with no luck so I’m confident it saying its completely unobtainable.

  • I was able to finally get it to unlock. The only thing I changed from all my previous attempts is I disabled cross-play, not sure if that was it or not.