Scottish Claymore

  • I am loving the game so far, but I was very disappointed to see that the Scottish Claymore isn’t in the game. It was my favorite weapon from the first Chivalry game and myself and others would love to see it added to the game in the Vanguard class. Even if its just a visual for the Greatsword much like the Zweihander is. I know that more is to come I just hope that within the “more to come” is the Scottish Claymore.

  • Kinda astounding honestly how little actual customization there is in the game on launch. About 2 different looks for each weapon type on average is not much really, for a game of this scope and with a direct focus on melee weaponry you’d think they would have more weapon models ready to show off - pretty disappointing to be honest.

    Yes the first game didn’t have much variation to begin with at release but then again that is 9 years ago. They won’t be able to compete with other newer games’ popularity if they don’t go full throttle on more content. Right now it’s already growing stagnant.

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