How does the catapult work? No tutorial.

  • I tried the catapult a few times but i dont get it how it works.
    I know i go on the catapult then pull him down get a stone and put it on the catapult and fire.
    But how im able to aim with this thing? And how can i set up the strenght, i mean how far i shoot. It always shoots to far.

  • Global Moderator

    You hold down the fire button to increase the distance that it shoots. I’m pretty sure turning it is just the movement buttons.

  • You change the firing distance by not charging it as long. There is a minimum charge you have to do. Then put a rock from the nearby cart on it turn to aim and fire the game has nice prompts for everything. The only thing that doesn’t explain is how to control how far it fires again adjust charge level.

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