[feature request] Add a server queue

  • Cannot connect to server: server full. I’m ready to waiting my turn in the queue. Please, add a server queue feature. Cannot play on closest server. It says “server full”.

  • I am begging you.

  • The server UI is pretty bad at the moment. They had so much functionality with their previous game Chivalry 1. But in the sequel you lose so much i guess… reasons.

    Cant rejoin last server
    Cant just re-attempt to join server without refreshing the whole list again…
    Cant view players in server before joining
    Cant filter to different game type (FFA/TO/TDM/ LTS? etc)

    Could do all that in Chivalry 1. So i dunno why they would intentionally decide to provide less functionality than the 10 year old prequel.

    I also find it hilarious as it says in the server browser “click a server to see more info” so you do that and you dont get more info at all lol…gg you got me there TornBanner

    Also a bug which reports slots are free when the server is actually full.

  • BUMP. please

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