Fix your game.

  • Tired of my swings going through people. Let alone people doin 180 swing animations while in the middle of a swing due to lag or whatever i dont know because when ever im in a middle of a swing i cant swing a 180 instantly even with High sensitivity. Biggest issue is swinging right through my opponent or throwing throwables clearly through the enemy aswell as swinging at an enemies back and the block it somehow when im directly behind them. Im at the point of wanting a refund but its impossible due to epics rules. Absolutely disappointed at the negative outcomes from how enjoyable the betas were. Let alone too little of maps to enjoy aswell, all in all super disappointed at how the game turned out.

  • @Marshallxdx7 Go back to mordhau.

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    @Gamer02 Don’t be like that. These are valid concerns. Anyway, as you can see from the roadmap they’re working fixed for issues like that, and more maps are coming in the first content patch.

  • Also been experiencing another weird thing where people are instantly standing up right after i down them… happened about 4 times the last hour.

  • @Skindiacus up above^ and im done playing the game till you guys fix it, clear stabs and overhands missing, im getting blocked when i swing at a guys back and his weapon isnt even facing me, aswell as people swinging 360 degrees games far from finished i recommend reporting all this to the devs or the game is gonna die quickly, i see streamers freaking out about the same issues not just my side or me being “bad” because i average top 3 every game.

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