[UX] Vanguard Raider: can't tell how many primary weapons I have

  • As a Vanguard Raider, I want a permanent visual mechanism which shows me the weapons I’m currently carrying, so that I don’t mistakenly throw my only remaining primary weapon.

    When playing a Vanguard Raider, I occasionally find myself weaponless after throwing my only remaining weapon. I end up in that situation because I forgot that I had already thrown my first primary.

    As chivalrous individuals are known to do, I fight a lot of people and throw a lot of things. With all that chaos, it’s hard to keep track of how many weapons I have by memory alone!

    I believe this information should be available at a glance. The current hotkeys UI would work well for this as I’m already used to looking there for this information, but the hotkeys UI is sometimes not visible, so it’s not a reliable indicator.

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