Some Bugs I've Been Experiencing

  • I like the game! I played it on beta and decided to download from that. I didn’t experience any of these bugs while playing then, though, so it’s a bit annoying to experience them on a paid version of the game. Anyway, I’m playing on PS5 in NA.

    My hits are definitely going through people, and I notice it a ton as archer. I thought that I was imagining things when swinging a big sword around, what with having to swing my entire camera as well, but nah. Hits are definitely missing a lot. Or, at least, a lot more than they should, so it makes it very noticeable.

    Why does the game put me into already full games? More than once I’ve spawned into a game that’s completely full. I can’t even switch sides, leaving me on the weird spectator camera mode you get when you die.

    I get “matchmaking failed” messages for about five minutes straight when trying to join matches in the evenings sometimes. That’s never fun.

    Similar to the “matchmaking failed” message, I get a “disconnected from host” message when trying to join in the evenings.

    I cannot invite PS4 users without it taking them to the store to try to buy the PS5 version of the game. The only way for me to join their lobby is for me to download the PS4 version (which I’m not going to do on my PS5 lol) and play.

    My weapon stays on my back after getting off a ladder sometimes. My second weapon isn’t equipped, I can’t swap either of them, and all I can do is punch. Is that supposed to happen?

    Oh, there’s this one ledge you can get on at the map where you have to hold the courtyard, right before killing the heir. It’s up where the big crossbow thing is. You can fall on to you, but can’t jump back up, so you basically have to kill yourself or fall to your death. Is that supposed to be a thing, too?

    That’s about it 👍🏽

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