The Team Auto Balance is bad idea with poor implementation...

  • The Team Auto Balance is both annoying and frustrating. And this is happening so often, every time in my last 3 battles, for example. The first thing I’m doing is to change back to my team. In the cases that I can’t go back I’m just leaving the game.

    Why is bad idea:

    • The battles are played on stages, so if one team is vastly superior the game will end quickly and you go to the next one without struggling long time.
    • People want to play with friends, and this can put them in different teams.
    • You have factions, some of us want to play only one of the factions, this put you on the other side.
    • You have cosmetics that you can spend real money for them. You pay to make your guy look like you want and then the game change who you play.
    • When you are wining as a team, that is a good feeling. It’s exact opposite when you are taken from the wining team and thrown in the losing one.
    • Even the reverse is not good feeling, I don’t want to be changed from the losing team in the wining team. Gifted victory doesn’t give you satisfaction.
    • Often you makes some kind of rivals in the opposite team and you want to meet them again and again on the battlefield to see who will end on the top at the end of the match. That fun aspect of the game is also ruin with the “Team Auto Balance” mechanic.

    Why is poorly implemented:

    • The team switch happens so often less than 10 second before the match ends…
      There is zero balancing in those cases, but a lot of frustration.

  • Its BEYOND bad, this game will be dead in the first month and Im out $30.

  • I at the very least make Auto Balance give some extra gold at the end of the match.

  • @AutoBalanceIsBS you’re completely right, also I would state that sometimes autobalance happens just after you did something to win the stage for the opposite team. And sometimes this happens just before your team is going to win the map and you are moved to the losing team.

    One more thing about that is that sometimes you are spawned in incorrect place right in the middle of the fighting party…

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