Friends Hud Symbol

  • The symbol above friends listed players is bad and needs work

    At the moment, all teammates have a small green rhombus (wish this was togglable) above their heads, and friends have a slightly brighter green circle. In the original Chivalry, the symbol for friends was much more distinct, having a orange/golden symbol above them, while teammates had no symbol.

    My point is, they made it so not only does every player have a symbol, but your friend’s symbol is less distinct on top of that. The brighter green circle just blends in with the green rhombuses, and it should be changed to a different color like Blue. Furthermore, allow us to disable symbols on teammates heads. In general I wish there was more control over the UI, but at the moment I literally have no idea where my friend is unless they get really close and I am also specifically looking for the proper circle.

    Overall, I hope improvements can be made to better distinguish friends from normal teammates because the game is best played with friends. Thank you.

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    You can disable “Show Ally Indicators” in options, this will remove all green markers from your team but not your friends on Epic, so you will be able to see your mates clearly, If you are successful in joining in a party, they will be yellow with their name under it.

  • @Lilboots Thanks! I noticed both of these after you mentioned it, and they help a lot. I now always play with ally indicators off as I am a veteran and can in fact differentiate red from blue! Although parties don’t work, the few times they have worked I got to see the ever elusive golden circle indicator, and it looks nice! Thanks a lot for the help!

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