What kind of Devs allows team change in the middle of a match??!!

  • Torn Banner are you trying to kill your game in the first week!!!???

    I was on a team then got switched to the losing team to ‘auto balance’ because everyone is switching to the winning team!!!


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    I’ve never played a game with large team sizes that doesn’t do this.

  • @Skindiacus
    Every player should be able to change the team after a few minutes when spawned into the lobby. But not at the end.

  • The auto balance in this game is more jarring than other games.

    I seem to get auto balanced every 2 games. It really sucks when you put in the hard work to get the better of the other team and then you get swapped over.

    I’m pretty sure I’m getting auto balanced because of people constantly switching teams too. This should be limited.

  • I have to agree. I can’t tell you how many matches I was slaying, within top 5 on my team, holding the enemy team off the objective and then being “auto-balanced” with 20 seconds left on the timer. What a punch to the stomach after playing well and about to win only to be rewarded with a loss.

    What good is auto-balancing in the last minute of the match, it’s not going to change the outcome in any way other than upsetting the person that you auto-balanced, this is CLEARLY not working as intended or someone failed to think this through properly.

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