Redesign shield block

  • Punishment for using a shield should be that it breaks down after several attacks on it, instead of draining stamina when an attack is had on it. This would solve inherent problems with previous shield design such as shieldwalling and innecessitate artificial solutions such as losing the ability to run when your shield is up. It would also be a tactical decision;
    Is the enemys weapon bigger than my own so to use my shield to block all damage?
    Can the enemy recover from my block early enough to be able to block my counterstrike? Or should i use shieldblock and counterstrike for certain? Is it worth it to counterstrike for certain? eg. does the enemy still have his shield and will he deem my strike worthy of using it? The possibilities are many.


  • I wouldnt like my shield breaking personally, and I dont think a metal shield would break that easily from one battle to be honest, there are always ways to counter a shieldwhore, and especially in chivalry where you can kick them to open them up.

    Stamina drain is ok, for balancing reasons.

  • No, in real life shields broke all the time, because they were made of wood planks ( have you ever watched Ivanhoe? ). The idea was that the shield absorbs the blow. Unless of course we are talking about spartan hoplite shields, which had a bronze coating, making them reaally heavy and making individual blocking nearly impossible due to difficulty in moving the shield around, however since they fought in a phalanx, they didn’t need to block individually !
    Only the boss of a shield was made of metal. Aiming with your shield using mouse movement and being able to block with the boss of your shield like that ( like a boss :D ) would be a very cool feature, if that’s what you meant.

  • I recon shields should break…like the wooden ones in like 10 blows but a metal one in 20… shields should be replacable at a weapon thing that gives ur equipment

  • I like the idea of breakable shields, but I don’t think it’s hugely necessary in Chivalry. There are a few ways you can open up a turtling player, so you won’t be faced with situations such as those in Age of Chivalry where the best you can do is attempt to hit the side or back, or whittle down the user’s stamina by constantly hitting the shield.

    Maybe there could be some form of differentiation between small and large shields in melee combat, but I don’t know, we’ll have to see. Larger shields would obviously have more of an advantage against projectiles though.

  • I thought kick and shield bash was “unblockable” ?

  • I agree with the suggestion, breakable shields are a better solution than artificial penalties for using a shield (if you only have a onehanded weapon, there should really be no reason at all not to wield a shield with it). But I can live with the stamina approach. CMW will have unblockable attacks and all that, so I’m not sure breakable shields will even be all that necessary.

  • simply- why wase stamina/time/attention/letting your guard down into spending ages smashing a kite shield down with a sword when you can kick/shove/dump-tackle the guy before finishing him

    btw will you be more vunerable after being shoved or whatever or even allow for a cheeky dagger through the visor for insta-kill? ;)

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