Bots everywhere

  • I didnt spend money on this game to play with AI please remove dont care if its a full lobby

  • While I understand the role bots play, what does get annoying is when you select 64-mixed mode and you get put into a half filled server with bots. Id rather the game prioritize filling up servers from the top-down.

    So now I just solely use the server browser.

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    @buderburg There’s really no reason not to just use server browser anyway

  • So while the OP wasn’t constructive he does bring up an issue in my mind.

    I get the purpose of the bots. To help fill servers and help people play on off hours of the day. Or even to practice vs or level weapons against. They do serve a great role and the AI isn’t too horrid. They have their pathing issues but over all, they are not trash bots.

    That being said, they do ruin some of the game modes when it is a half filled server or more. Such as TDM. The meta is just to bot farm the fastest. As it will make them repop for you to get more free kills and end the game faster.

    Also FFA suffers the same issue, obviously. Kill bots fast and move on. And with the general idea of many people playing this game. They rather kill people than bots in that mode. They want the challenge. So another area where it could be better to at max have 4 bots or less. The bots are not bad to have in there, but with the low spawn points they just keep filling the spawn queue and FFA gets to be a mess because of people spawning on top of other people fighting. Less people needing to spawn means you could focus on spawning people in areas with less people around the spawn point.

    Now in the attack defend maps, I would say they need to fully go away once the server fills up to 3/4. Until then, a couple floating about doesn’t hurt and helps people see where they need to go sometimes. Or objectives that need done. I think this is mostly set in game already. I think. Which is odd, as it would make more sense in the other modes over this one. But the AI seems to do the worst in these map modes and just stand around at some point on O mostly. Such as around the bonfire to pick up a torch, or them trying to put the ladder pcs on ladders and they all stand at a wall because they pathed past it.

    Over all, I think less bots would do this game better. It seems to be one of the bigger complaints I’ve seen since playing.

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