**Damage is unbalanced - Archer** >>--->

  • Hello guys,

    Could you reframe the archer class, please?
    It’s not as fun as it was in chivalery 1, in fact it’s frustrating to play with this class in Chivalery 2.

    Arrow damage is too low, sometimes it takes more than 5 arrows to kill a knight. In other words, it’s frustrating.
    Even headshots do no additional damage (even HS!)

    This class has no armor, dies easily, deals ridiculous damage, it’s not that simple to hit a shot.
    If you don’t want to increase the damage, increase the shooting speed, in order to balance the classes because it’s not fair.

    I would really like a review in this class.
    Because it was fun in the first game and now it’s not.

    Thank you very much.


  • Yes, it is unbalanced.

    I don’t think increasing the firing speed will do the trick as it’s not about firing speed (even if the firing speed is higher, you need to concentrate and it takes time to aim. Just like you mentioned “It’s not so easy to hit one shot”)

    With any class you have a good chance of killing 2 players before being dead. With the archer class you will surely die if you face 2 players. (Okay, archer has little protection).

    The point is that in the absence of protection it should have greater damage.
    If a weapon is thrown against an archer he can’t defend himself because he doesn’t use a shield and before pulling his sword to block he has already taken damage.

    I believe developers will work on it.

    Chivalery is not a simulator, it doesn’t represent reality (if it were, a knight could reach someone without armor in a run, right?!)

    It’s a game (and it sure is an excellent game!) so it should be balanced.

  • Well, I must disagree with you guys, I thought you were about to complain about the fact that archers deal way too much damage; I can’t count the number of time I get 2 arrows and die. Those damn archers are everywhere like a plague, there is so many of them that on almost every game you can’t pick this class because it says it’s full. You don’t need more protection if you play wise, don’t get in the heat of battle with an archer, this is common sense, you are there to support others. Sometimes you get face to face with an archer and you’ve got nowhere to hide, if the player is actually good, it’s over for you, there is no way this archer will let you get close to him or flee.

  • Archer is in a good spot since alpha and beta nerfs. It used to do more damage and there is a reason they nerfed it. It is a well balanced class that is actually really good at melee and ranged. It is a matter of knowing your surroundings and your positioning. Spear archer probably needs some work though to be fair. It got nerfed a bit too much imhod and could use a very small buff.

    A good archer is going to play very close to the group and plink headshots left and right. They won’t be off in the middle of nowhere hoping on a shot from far range. Too many things can happen during the flight time of an arrow. The person can just change pathing, he could be hit by someone and change his positioning, etc. Thus the good players are up close and being super in your face and annoying. The spearman will be the most upfront obviously and bow would be next. Xbow would be the ones to sit the “farthest” but still should be close. Far enough they can get a reload and switch to melee if needed or just give themselves the time to decided to reload, retreat or go melee. It gets people to think they can rush in for an easy kill and over extend and get themselves killed instead. Tactics done simple.

    I play xbow in FFA and am top 5 or winning 95+% of my games, we all have bad games from time to time. I have archer up to lvl 22 or 23 at this point as well (on PC). I can take on 2 ppl at once and in fact can make it easier sometimes. Thanks to the counter mechanic there are still many ppl not understanding it and giving me free swings at both for good dmg. Being highly skilled with a hatchet is a must as an xbowman in my mind. 80+% of my kills in FFA are from it.

    Also you can defend against thrown weapons. As typically it is highly choreographed and you can dodge or you have already switch to your melee. If you are trying to push your luck and keep using ranged, then accept the risk you are taking and eat the weapon in the face if and when it happens.

    Archer is in game to help counter all the 2handed fools that just swing left and right through groups of people hoping for the best. It’s the “cool/fun” way to play the game, thus archers are the sin and bane. But archers are the rock to those scissors and shields are the paper to that rock. There is NOTHING an archer can do vs a shield except go into melee or run. If positioned correctly they do at least get that choice, if not… well… get good at melee.

    Now if on console the archer class plays different, I don’t know what to say. I don’t play it on those.

  • Longbow is for spam, Crossbow is for heavy hits. Skirmisher is an entirely different beast. I think the one you want is Crossbow. It also comes for banner which feels a bit weird to place when you walk to the front and then back to a safe spot, but it really helps your team out with the right placement.

  • I totally agree with you!
    Archer damage is too low!!!

  • Playing with archer is definitely bad, completely unbalanced!
    I really hope this gets reviewed by the developers, I’m a big fan of Chivalery but there’s no way to play archer without getting frustrated.

  • I don’t feel archer is too weak. As said earlier, you are a support guy, and should be quite close to the fight to be really useful.
    You may deal damage and make assists, and not being able to finish your preys that often, but this is your job and I don’t find it frustrating.

  • @Arqueiro

    everything is off because of pc players hacking. it’s a mess, play somthing else til TB pulls their heads out of their asses.

  • Lol I thought this was going to be a post about how OP they are. It almost feels like cheating when using an Archer. All you have to do is find a knight or footman to follow around and shoot people they are fighting. Even in bad matches I’ll still have 2 to 3 more kills than deaths and a ton of takedowns

  • @Ephalion said in **Damage is unbalanced - Archer** >>--->:

    Lol I thought this was going to be a post about how OP they are. It almost feels like cheating when using an Archer. All you have to do is find a knight or footman to follow around and shoot people they are fighting. Even in bad matches I’ll still have 2 to 3 more kills than deaths and a ton of takedowns

    Yep, I feel like these people complaining don’t know how to utilise the archer class. I run into plenty of players that top score using the archer and can be a royal pain to deal with.

    They just want to run around 1 shotting every mofo on the battlefield. There’s a reason why TB restricted archer numbers per team.

  • I just want them to fix archer hitboxes and ill be happy. I can deal with the amount of damage they do. The fact that you have a higher chance of hitting your ally than your enemy by virtue of the games engine messes with me though.

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