Weapon balancing needs to be looked at

  • Basically, most of the 2 handed weapons don’t do enough damage considering how slow they are and how much damage the one handed weapons do.

    Example: The regular slash with the greatsword does 50 damage which is the same damage the falchion does. A slow weapon like the greatsword should not do the same damage as a fast one handed weapon. Another example is the maul that only deals 60 damage even though its incredibly slow and has low range which means that you need 3 hits even for the vanguard (the melee class with the lowest hp pool)

  • Another poster and I have been talking about this in another thread, one-handed weapons are definitely OP right now.

    Initially, since I mainly play duel servers, I came to the conclusion the one-handed weapons probably should be better at 1v1’s, that makes sense to me. And the big sweeping 2-handers for 1vX’s.

    But thats just not the case, I go into a 64 man team objective and do very well with a tiny one-hander. Speed is king, evidently.

    It mgiht be as simple as lowering damage, but its a fine line to walk; you dont want to make them obsolete either.

  • Hello, another poster here!

    Yes I agree with burderburg here that the faster weapons are meta for 1v1 situations. I don’t necessarily think they require a nerf, but perhaps that other things around the combat could be relooked at or buffed.

    I think what makes faster weapons so powerful right now is the ability to interrupt an opponent who has ‘initiative’… which contradicts the design of the combat.

  • Agreed that 1 handed weapons seem to completely outclass the 2 handed weapons (in a duel setting).

    The only ones that don’t seem be too crazy are the falchion and maybe the knife (haven’t dealt with it enough to have a good opinion on it). The 1 handed sword/mace/axe seem quite a bit overtuned, especially the sword.

  • Are we playing the same matches? Nearly everyone plays 2 handed. If it was so bad, why the popularity?

  • Two handers are good for 1 v X.

    One handers are good for dueling.

    Not seeing a problem and I main the dane axe.

  • 2H bad for Duels? I main 2H with Vanguard and Knight and do great in Duels.
    People underestimate your reach, heavy and special attacks.

  • I dont think anyone said 2H were bad, its the 1H being too good at almost everything; besides their reach, but its honestly not that much of a hinderance. Its the idea that a 1H can outclass a 2H in many scenarios where it probably shouldnt.

  • @buderburg I definitely agree, in respect to the daggers; they’re much too fast and hard to counter with jabs. But, I’ve found it easy-ish to counter other 1H weapons with Kicks, Jabs, and Dodging. Usually gets difficult with more skilled opponents, in my case. :)

    Personally, I try not to get up-close with my 2H. I try to maintain my reach and let my opponent walk into my swings. If up close is what you mean by out-class, I definitely agree. But, I personally think that is appropriate, considering the effort required to maneuver a 2H weapon.

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