PS4 XO Buttons reversed / not working

  • As the the title said, the buttons appear to be revered or not working at all. This makes it impossible to access the armory in the main menu and change teams or classes in game. It also unables me to change the settings of the game.

    I’ve seen no posts regarding this issue here in the forums. Was this already been acknowledged by the developers and did they mention a fix coming?

  • The issue still exist, the X and O button mapping are wrong. Basically on the main menu and in game menu page the X button does nothing when u press. The O button is the X button select. Only O button can be press and respond as X. Aside from that during in game the X button still remains as jump when u press. Can’t even change class during in game and customize at the main menu page.

  • yeah, I got this issue too, the button is wrong mapping, i cant customize any character and can’t change class or weapon in game. When will they fix this problem? I have more than 40.000 gold but can’t spend any of it because of the bug…