Fix to game not starting…

  • Hello all, I’ve noticed there are quite a lot of people with the problem of the game not starting. In my case, I would run it through steam and it would go to the logo and then minimize and stay minimized no matter what I did.

    After a lot of searching, I found nothing that helped.

    Finally: I went to my steam directory>Chivalry>Engine>Config and then BaseSystemSettings

    I searched for “Fullscreen” and set it to “False”

    After which I ran the game again and it minimized, but then after clicking on the tab it came up windowed and ready to rock.

    I have played for about 30 minutes and decided it worked “for now” and would love to share it with the rest of you guys…Hopefully this works for all of you that have the same problem I had.

    And yes, for some reason, the game will not run full screen mode in steam - and WILL run out of steam full screen, but you can’t see servers, as you’re not connected to steam.

    Take care.

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