Naga Trinity Mouse and Keybindings problems?

  • I seam to be having a lot of problems with my mouse keybindings not working in game. mainly the mouse wheel. I have my wheel pushdown to crouch and push left to flourish (I think that’s what its called.) Now I have my wheel mapped to different keys, Like my ( ] ) is crouch (Push Wheel). And it works as far a pressing it and triggering the key. I just did that to type it. When I go to confider it, it looks like it works and even says the keys name but when I go in game nothing. If I map it to a keyboad key it works, so long as its not the same key as my mouse. This is quite frustrating to say the least. I’m not even sure its the game as it’s happen with one other game also. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problem?

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