Issue with alternate swings make game unplayable(PS4)

  • When ever I get into combat situations the entire standard/alternate swing system goes out the window, it will do alternate swings when not pressing l3 half the time and half the time it won’t, and the same will happen if I do press l3, half the time it will be standard swings

    I tried changing the setting to the movement based one and no help there, it doesn’t seem to work any better, regardless of which setting I use I have next to no control over the direction of the swing and it’s caused me to end up killing teammates on multiple occasions

    This only happens when I’m in combat by the way, outside of combat it does not happen, I can provide video if need be of what I mean

    Only started happening within the last 36 hours, before that it was fine and I love the game, but this has totally ruined it, I’ve tried reinstalling and I’ve tried an alternative PSN account, neither work.
    Anyone else have this issue or does anyone know a fix?

  • @riotact91 So many times I’ve held down the left stick and nothing. It’s really frustrating. Even when it works, I wish we could move it to a different button. Hopefully controller remapping comes out eventually.

  • I know your problem.
    You didn’t notice that if you launch an attack while blocking, it will automatically switch the side of your strike. So :
    R2 = from right
    L3 + R2 = from left
    L2 + R2 = from left
    L3 + L2 + R2 = from right

  • @OdisHekt oh damn I didn’t even consider that, thanks !