I feel like I am playing a different game from everyone else?

    After a lot of recordings, it seems to me that my brain just cannot handle the way xbows work in this game. Obviously the bolt goes way too slow compared to real life. Therefor even in point blank, it is extremely easy to miss a target. I have also noticed that the shot-audio comes 0.5secs before the actual shot, which is another thing that will F with the mind when you are trying to aim.
    The one thing that sticks out like crazy is the hitbox of your bolt depending on what is in front of you. The hitbox is tiny as can be on enemies, but trying to shoot in between 2 teammates is impossible as you will always do team dmg even though the bolt did not even come close to them. Which means there is defo a hitbox issue there. The amount of times I hit teammates while not even aiming at them is numerous and beyond reason. I could shoot straight up in the air randomly and still hit 2 teammates somehow with that 1 bolt. (yes I exagerate a bit now, but that is what it feels like :p)

    That all said I still believe that some shots should defo be hits when I replay in slowmo. I’m not going to edit&upload those since there are too few cases that were really clear as day. All things concidered I am still doing very well in terms of score, often being top player of the match when I played xbow 100% of the time and rarely being on objectives. Strange stuff cause I really feel like I am so bad at it. And that is really not me just being humble or w/e.

  • Exactly this. The first few times I played it I didn’t feel there was an issue but Sunday night it was all these things. I experiment with all classes and I had issues all night. I couldn’t block effectively, my hits always being blocked even when I attacked from behind. Arrows hitting team mates who where meters to the side of where I was aiming etc. All the symptoms you described.

    I ran some network tests after an my broad band was well below what I normally gets I’ve chalked it up as a network / laggy issue.

  • First of all, say that the game is amazing and love it.

    But, I totally agree with what you have written. I have logged into the forum to create a thread with your points, but you are ahead of time :)

    I think since the last patch (patch or internal change), it exists as a kind of HANDICAP or something like that. In some matchs, everything that you have explained in the points happens. And in other matchs it does not happen.

    It’s very strange. And this began to happen from one day to the next (since last patch).

    Play the game has become very frustrating. It was not like this in the past.

    And I want to add more things that happen to me.

    In some matches, different players, in 1 hit, take my weapon from me. They give me another blow and take the second weapon from me. They give me the third blow and they kill me. Full health, full stamina. What??

    I reappear, and again the same. What??

    Like this 4 or 5 times in a row. What??

    Then I look at the players who has killed me and is not pro. They are at the bottom on the scoreboard.

    Very strange things happen lately.

  • +1 to each listed points you all have mentioned. Since the last 3/4 days I have experienced a kind of net code issues in the game. My average latency is 28-30ms on Xbox). My friends and me feel a sort of lag compensation from the game. I have played using Wifi and Ethernet cable. Same issues. I don’t know if you guys have changed the game’s net code, servers or any source code related to the connectivity but it’s very frustating. I hope the dev team to fix this asap since the game was fun at launch week. Please do a rollback according to this thread feedback.

  • It is very hard for me to say anything in comparison to over a week ago, cause I only just started playing a few days back. I’m pretty sure that was after the update, since I haven’t seen a patch yet.

    That said, it DOES feel like there is a netcode issue. Sometimes I do get a hit register way after I have shot/swung. I also often see ppl very confused as to what my actual position is, very similar to the confusions I experience myself when it is on the other end, I’m sure.

    I have played games with awful netcode before, in recent memory ‘Escape from Tarkov’ comes to mind. As that still has a bitter taste in my mouth, I know exactly what bad netcode feels like. So I do hope they fix this problem, it might be as simple as increasing the server tick rate. If they don’t, the game will never be anything more than a casual gamble lmb game.

    Here are some (to me) clear as day examples of where the netcode failed me hard :)

  • @Xili84 I’ve seen your videos. xDxD Same happen to me yesterday. Unplayable and frustrating.

  • @knight87 It is why I stopped playing melee for now. It is even more frustrating when things like this happen in melee. At least as a ranged you don’t get killed as often because of it. You just … Miss or Team damage.

  • Is this on console? I sometimes play xbow on pc and never get the problems you show in your videos.

  • @Xili84 I just watch your videos. I can relate, that’s what it’s was like for me last week when using a bow. I was only being a ‘cowardly archer’ for the sake of unlocking everything, I’ve given up on that class path for now as I was sick of shooting my own team, even when I lined up a shot that I thought couldn’t possibly hit one of my own. it still did.

  • I love it! Finally the Feint is useless

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