Seeing Red and Brave Sir Robin trophy glitches

  • First of all, I really enjoy the game. Thank you so much. I’ve already convinced 5 friends to buy it by pitching it as Battlefield meets For Honor. I wanted to make you aware of a few trophy glitches with Seeing Red and Brave Brave Sir Robin (which I may never achieve again but I will try). Unfortunately, they won’t pop for me. Brave Sir Robin I’ve only achieved once but Seeing Red I’ve probably gotten over 20 times. But overall, really fantastic game. I might have to convince my students to buy it too.

    P.S I think the switching teams ability should be dropped.

  • Yeah, switching teams is a cheap win tactic. I believe they said they are fixing auto-balancing which is totally screwed right now. I’ve seen 34vs30 on a few occasions, with six bots on each team.

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