What is enemy number 1?

  • Archers or shields? I ask because from my personal experience, people tend to recklessly charge me more when I have a shield, than when I am an archer. By which I mean an entire group will try to hunt me down, rather just one which tend to be the case when I play archer. Which is funny becuase a shield can allow me to back up into my team who then proceeds to swarm them, which they then ignore as they die.

    Anyway, which one makes you recklessly charge that person, and why?

  • More often shields as poeple know how to use them more effectively right now.

  • @MattRat I mainly play Duels. So, when I see an archer using a bow, I recklessly charge them.
    But, in normal modes? I try not to recklessly do anything. I try to stay on the objective, and if I see more than 2 enemies, I back up and wait for my team. As for who is “most hated”? Archers, definitely, haha. Not in a mean way, I just try to focus them if I can, to help my team not die to arrows. Ooh, also, anyone spamming slash gets targeted by me. Jab and stab, kick and special.

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