Possible Subclass Buffs

  • I would like to discuss the balancing with certain classes. Although I feel this is a very subjective topic, I feel that some subclasses are extremely weak compared to the rest. The two main classes I’d like to look at are the Ambusher and the Combat Engineer. This isn’t to say that they are useless, but rather they are significantly less useful than the rest for no reason other than novelty. Both are the final subclasses of their respective class, and they are both the most “specialized” in my opinion, in that they have a specific purpose or niche that is felt.

    The Ambusher
    The Ambusher is supposedly used to ambush enemies, thus the increased damage to the back. The problem is, most of the time, this just isn’t viable. Furthermore, you can only equip one handed weapons, the best of which (for ambushing) is a small knife. This negates the increased damage to the back, as you’re using a weaker weapon. It would be much more affective to use the Maul as it kills in two hits (assuming you land a heavy attack on the back).

    Also, the special ability of the Ambusher is just terrible. The Quiver ability, although quick to recharge, simply just replaces all of the throwing knives you have. It would be better if it replaced your bandage as well, or if it resupplied your allies around you, but it doesn’t. It’s all around a much worse ability when compared to other Vanguard abilities, like Oil Pot or Horn.

    Overall, the Ambusher is just underdeveloped in its option in combat. Its weapons are weak, its passive is borderline useless in most situations, and its special ability is trash.

    The Combat Engineer
    The Ambusher is significantly better than the Ambusher when compared to its relative Footman subclasses. The weapons are all specific to the subclass, and although they aren’t all that impressive, they are significantly better than any knife. Having 2 gadgets instead of 1, the Combat Engineer can place two walls and one bear trap.

    The idea is good, as their walls cover a decently sized area and their bear trap is quite large, but they aren’t that useful. While the walls can be combined to block off a doorway or funnel enemies in a specific direction, the bear trap feels like little care was put into it. There are very few areas where you can lock off with a bear trap, and it can be broken very easily. This is also tailed by the fact the bear trap is extremely easy to see in all environments. You can’t exactly hide it. And 50 damage? That’s just pitiful. The bear trap may temporarily disable the enemy, but unless you’re camping it, you won’t be able to capitalize.

    All around, I feel like there is little thought put into the bear trap for the Combat Engineer. Perhaps the damage can be increased to 80 or even 100 to make it more threatening. This way, you wouldn’t feel obligated to camp the trap, as it would still be helping your team severely injure an enemy without your presence. Oh, and ammo boxes definitely need to resupply the trap. This can be balanced by having the last trap automatically destroy itself if you place another.

  • Regarding classes, a simple Ambusher fix would be changing it from backstab bonus to ‘headshot’ bonus. That would keep the ‘gimmick’, but make it actually useful. As for Engineer, they just need better buildables, like an ‘ammo’ box (that’s gives xp on resupplies), or a buildable ballista. Rebuilding one would destroy the other one. That would make it a true support class.

    On to ultimates, I think there needs to be a rework on who has what. Longbow would benefit much more from quiver, Skirmisher should get either horn or oil pot, and Ambusher should get banner. The last two changes would benefit the team much more, while the former would deter sniping Longbows (which brazier enables), who don’t help the team at all.

  • I totally agree the author of this thread, those two classes are kind of inferior.
    When I discovered ambusher subclass I was like “this is going to be my favorite one”.
    But… I quickly understood that playing it was a disadvantage. The thing is stealth is not very “Chivalry 2” and attacking ppl in the back often mean offering your own back to the bad guys… And die. And die even more quickly as your light weapons won’t allow you to sustain a fight against multiple opponents. I guess it should be reworked, make it more evasive, more powerful when backstabbing and give it a true special item.
    Concerning engineer, I agree, it must get better items. Barricades are quite easy to destroy and the beartrap effect is too light.
    I wouldn’t say that it needs more damage, but maybe a mechanic like in R6 siege, the guy trapped should wait for a friend to free him or bleed to death…

  • Ambusher is absolutely awful to play as.

    It is literally inferior in everything.
    The concept is cool but it doesn’t work at all right now.
    No range, no special mobility, default slow kick/jab, no damage and lackluster ability.

    The special stab(Q) is way too slow, hit box way too small. The leap strike is awful with short range weapons, and is infuriating to try and land hits because player collision boxes are gigantic that any and every nudge lands you anywhere but where you want to go or be.
    As if that wasn’t bad enough it is also cancelled by damage, so you need literally a miracle to land a hit on monkeys spamming left click.

    The weapons are fast but you need like 6-7 hits to kill a knight… how often you get to 1vs1 anyone for enough time to land 6 hits, as opposed to 2-3 from a decent weapon.
    You could say you’re not supposed to 1vs1 with an ambusher and pick people off, but you try and do it with slow animations, tiny hitboxes, no mobility and getting stuck in allies and enemies because their collision boxes are the size of a planet. Let me know how that goes.

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