Helmets Not just cosmetical?

  • I often see helmets fly of when hit in the head. Does that mean helmets provide a 1 time protection to the head? Or is it really only cosmetical?

    I like my non-helmet Viking look, so this is a very important question to me :) Thanks beforehand, much karma upon ye!

  • If it’s anything like Chiv 1 (where the same thing could happen with an arrow whizzing by your head) I believe it is just a cosmetic, and doesn’t actually give any extra survivability. I believe it was more or less just to let you and the archer know it was a ****ing close shot!

  • As far as I have seen Moderators say, helmets are just cosmetic and offer no protection as such.
    You can still be one-shot if someone lands a heavy blow to your head, even with a helmet on.
    Hope this helps, man. Happy Viking. :)

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