PC Frame lag/stuttering whenever moving mouse, SOLVED

  • Re: [PC. Game Locked at 60fps](Slight mouse movement drops it to 8fps)

    I had this problem as well - in my case it ended up being the polling rate on my mouse. If you have a higher end gaming mouse that supports 1000Hz or higher polling rate (or even over 60) you may want to check your polling settings. I ended up having to drop my polling rate to ~60Hz to be able to move my mouse without causing serious frame lag. I knew it couldn’t be just system performance when on a top end CPU and 3090, though it sure does behave as if the system cannot handle the game in the way this issue manifests itself.

    Hope that helps you, or anyone else that has this issue - was definitely a strange one to get to the bottom of!

  • Same problem, but i cant lower my mouse polling rate below 125. Using a Logitech G502 Hero, not really an old gaming mouse.

    Normally my Polling rate is on 1000, with that setting the game is a dia show. With 125 Polling rate its a bit better, but my FPS get still cut in half when turning the mouse in any direction making it impossible to enjoy the game.

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