One more angry thread about the Autobalancing BS

  • This game doesn’t need this annoying system.
    The game is on stages if one team is much better than the other, the match will end quick and players will go to the next one.
    But the autobalancing BS frustration stay with you for long time.

  • I think the same. It’s horrible.

  • I think any multiplayer game should have a kind of auto-balance tool but placing your friends into the enemy’s line and splitting your Xbox/PS party seems like a desperate measure. I would put double stamina for the unbalanced team for some minutes, horses, special attacks or any other kind of support to get the balance back.

  • If you’re always on top of the leaderboard, then you are going to get autobalanced nearly every game.

    My experience is 25% of the time I get put on a poor performing team and stay there. The other 75% I actually get a half decent team, but get autobalanced mid-match as we begin to dominate with me leading scoreboard.

    This means I nearly always end up on the team getting pumped. While I do enjoy a challenge, this is a bit much.

  • I dont mind the AB, actually. What I mind is the fact you can actually CHANGE TEAMS in the middle of a freaking match!

    Look, if 10 people quit they are replaced with AI, correct? If that is the case, there is no reason for AB…

    Like you said, the match will end quickly…

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