Why can ohSpear only hit one person at the time? Bug?

  • I tested all the spears and i talk about the on handed Spear and the slash move.

    The other spear cant even hit from the side but have 2 stabs what makes him incredible bad and you loose like every 1vsX and dont forget hes wierd special move when he sits down like a sitting duck and stabs XD What is this move i cant take it because its the most useless special in game. Whats the use for?

    The one handed spear can hit from side but you can only hit one person with it. Means if 2 people stand next to each other and you hit one of them with a slash you cant hit the other means again 1vsX is really bad with this spear. But why is this? The slash move isnt even powerfull and does about 40 damage.

    So why cant the spear hit mutiple people with slash? Every other weapon i try so far can. Its not it would be op or something like that because every other weapon can and the game is still dominated by big two handed weapons with huge damage.

    Also seeing people playing spear is so rare im level wr 23 and i see like one person in 4 hours playing a spear. So give spear some love and allow multiple side slash hits to bring him on top with the other weapons otherwhise its not a good weapon if choice.

  • @Maggi said in Why can ohSpear only hit one person at the time? Bug?:

    So give spear some love

    Wow, you must not play duels. The spears are completely toxic in 1v1’s. Theres something with the stab animations on some weapons, where it seems like you take the hit even though their character is still in a wind-up animation. Its very deceiving, especially once you start mixing in feints and heavy attacks; and the spears are some of the worst culprits of these janky stab animations.

    BUT, even if they had normal animations, its a SPEAR. The whole idea is long range stabs. If you want long stabs AND decent horizontal sweeps, theres other weapons; the poleaxe for example.

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