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  • Hello,
    Wrote a thread on Chivalry 2 Facebook group. It met positive feedback. I copy it there, feel free to comment or add any suggestions.
    The goal is to improve that amazing game. ;)

    "I’d like to have your feedback about something, lads. Torn banner made a video recently about what is coming for Chivalry 2 (roadmap). In this video, it said that “the game will double in size”. But the question is : what will double in size?

    Number of maps? That would mean 16 maps. Would be fine.

    Number of weapons? That would be amazing because there are already plenty of it!

    Skins ? Ok but I guess we can expect more coming as it is the easiest thing to add in a game.

    But what about modes? There are 3 at the moment. Ffa deathmatch, team deathmatch and objective maps (attack & defense maps we could call it).
    So the double would mean 6 modes and I really hope there will be MORE than only 6 !
    Lot of players want new weapons but new modes (and maps) is what will really extend the game lifetime.

    I’ve done a list with all the modes i came up with. I didn’t have to think a lot about it, it came easily and I need to say these modes doesn’t need much work to be added.
    The first three modes are classic, and NEED to be added to the game :

    • DUEL
    • LAST MAN STANDING (ffa version of the previous one)

    Those 3 modes would be the most competitive, as it would punish the “yolo” kind of players.

    But I came up with 7 other modes that seems quite obvious to me and would fit Chivalry ‘s spirit very well. I’ d call them fun modes :

      In chiv 1,there was a map called “tavern” if i recall good. It was fist fight only in a tavern map, this was fun as hell. With chiv 2 throwing mechanic, it could be even funnier. Imagine a huge brawl in a tavern, with mugs and chairs flying everywhere. 10 vs 10 would be enough.
      Would need a new map or just small parts of already existing maps (like coxwell market with food and things to pick and throw).

      A Role play mode with jousting, fencing, bow competition…

      I mean can you imagine knights playing something like bloodbowl? I definitely want to see that!

    • RANDOM
      Team deathmatch with randomized modifiers. Examples?
      Archer only, low gravity, random weapons on spawn, everybody 1hp, and so on…

      One player starts as knight, the others are peasants. Knight scores points by killing peasants. The peasant who kills the knight become the new knight.

      4 vs 4 vs 4 vs 4 vs 4 ? With no respawn?

    And Torn banner could find more. Real DLC take time to add but modes like this could be easily made, according to me…
    So I really hope TB will answer my prayers 🙏
    Don’t misunderstand me. I’m happy with actual chiv 2,not complaining at all. I just wish that content won’t be lacking because the game deserves it."

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