Gamepad Autodetection Bug

  • So I’ve got some good 15 or 20 maybe hours in the game and so far I’m very much enjoying it. I’ve noticed a few issues but none seem to be as bad as this bug I’ve noticed as said in the title. I play on PC, and though I’m pretty good with using the mouse and keyboard sometimes my hands cramp and I like to lean back using the controller, and will still occasionally swap between the two in matches of some other games at least. But for some reason, the autodetection is kind of wonky, idk if anybody else has mentioned anything about it. I keep my gamepad plugged in majoraty of the time while gaming in case i ever want to swap, but with Chiv 2 particularly I have to use one or the other. And if I even touch a button on my gamepad on accident I’ll have to use said gamepad for the play session or restart the game itself. It will constantly flash between keyboard and gamepad, and same for menu buttons and it’ll get confusing. If I unplug my gamepad, then the menu buttons are stuck on the gamepad menu buttons, so like I said thats why I have to restart. I just noticed this with in the last couple days of playing and I dont know of anybody else having an issue with it. Sorry if it’s a bit of a drawn out post but trying to explain as much as possible. Thanks to anyone that finds a fix, and happy gaming!