2 handed weapon blocking is too powerful.

  • Why use a shield and 1 handed weapon with lower damage potential when you can block just as successfully with 2 handed weapons. The effectiveness of 2 handed weapon blocking needs to be reduced…

  • Wow this sounds so backwards for me, I cant tell if its a troll.

    The 1H weapons in this game are soo strong, I wouldnt be surprised if we see some nerfs to them soon.

  • Neither 1H nor 2H needs any kind of nerf. The reason people get frustrated, like yourself, is because they don’t understand how their respective weapons work. 1H needs less reach, has a fast swing speed, and is countered by reach. 2H inherently has a longer reach, has a slower swing speed, and is countered by being close up.

    If a 1H is getting up in your face, kick them back and dodge back. Gain reach.
    Charge up a special or heavy attack to drain their stamina. Wait till they attack and go in for a stab. Jab them up close when they go to attack.

    If a 2H is trying to maintain their reach, get up in their face and wait for them to dodge or attack. Jab them when they attack, step around them and swing. Bait them into a heavy attack or special, dodge or step around them, and get them with a heavy attack.

    Nothing needs a nerf. We as players need to learn to adapt better. :)

  • The only thing that needs to be adjusted once in a while are the damage values. All in all everything works pretty fine, imo

  • @buderburg Are you playing the same game as me? 2 handed weapon do 3/4 of your health in 1 hit, 1 handed do 1/4 with exactly the same blocking efficiency. I think it is you who is the troll or just blatantly ignorant.

  • @Mootley77 said in 2 handed weapon blocking is too powerful.:

    2 handed weapon do 3/4 of your health in 1 hit, 1 handed do 1/4 with exactly the same blocking efficiency

    Depending on certain weapons against certain classes, this can be true, but its an exception and not a rule. Like comparing the maul against the knife.


    Those are the current damage stats for all the weapons and the damage modifiers for the different classes. I think youll be surprised on just how much damage alot of the 1 handers are doing, especially the warhammer. And its really their speed WITH the high damage thats the problem. You work in jabs/kicks and just overwhelm people. Some of them have a very deceiving overhead attack too. I think that some might even be “stealing” initiative, where you land an attack when you technically shouldnt be “allowed” to.

    1 handers are all I use, for both team objective and duels, I dont even bother with the shield because it blocks some of your view.

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