Throwing weapons on console is horrible and dont work well

  • On console to throw a weapon you have to press 2 buttons at the same time on xbox lb and rb. The problem is this is so fine tuned that you have to press both buttons exactely at the same time, if you press one of them a 1ms to late he wont throw and will do a attack. I have this problem so often i want throw and he attacks sometime i need up to 3 tries before he throw hes weapon and then its already to late.

    Also the throwing problem makes all classe with throwing knifes, javelin and other throwing stuff barely unplayable.

    This throwing problem really frustrates me and kills some fun in my games. I dont get it why crouch/slap are on the same button, same for dodge/jump but there is a button who is unused, its the left analog stick click. Why i have to press two butttons to throw something.
    Why cant throwing a weapon be on this stick and why is he unused.

    By the way all my friends on console have this problem.

  • I thought I was the only one. I want a signal button to throw too.

  • Im on PC, so excuse my ignorance.

    Can you not rebind it? Ive also been hearing people having issues with crouch and jab keybind?

    Idk maybe its all the years of PC gaming, but I rarely ever use default binds, I rarely even try them first. Especially games within the same genre; I immediately changed binds to closely reflect my binds that I have for Mordhau. And for shooters, I immediately change them to reflect the previous shooter I was playing.

  • @buderburg
    No you can not bind your controller layouts on console.

  • @buderburg Me too i rarely use default setting from games. I play Overwatch since 5years so i known to alternative key bindings. To play overwatch with normal settings is barely unplayable. And yea i have to say the same about this game. Like you said jab and crouch are on the same button and jump and dash also. If you like to use your special you have to press Y on xbox why? I also dont understand why left analog stick click is not bound to anything, makes no sense. Keybinding is a must for this game or console players will have a huge disadvantage.

    There are so many situations where you have to left your finger from the analog stick to press Y, A, B and everytime you press one of this buttons you cant look around for a sec.

  • @buderburg No you cant change any of kind binds right now. You could go into setting on console and remap so keys that way but its not the same as changing games controls its changing controller setting if that make any sense.

  • They need to add button remapping for console, with the addition of being able to choose multiple functions for each button (press or hold). Very few multiplayer games give decent rebind options on console.

  • @FlintBeastgood You mean like Overwatch ;) and yes rebind buttons it so needable,

  • @Maggi Maybe. I’ve never played Overwatch.

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