Noticing sometimes Blocking is not blocking

  • It is not just me but a couple of guildies who also noticed that sometimes black does not block. I get the whole footwork mindset in the game, but I have noticed that getting hit straight up with Block up has become more common of late. Did you do something to the blocks?

  • Even in the tutorial, they explain that a good way to get around blocks is to try to move to the side of the opponent, not sure if this scenario applies to you. But it would be nice to know where the exact blocking “hitbox” is at. Maybe moving to the right side of the opponent and using a right to left horizontal sweep, the weapon can actually hit the back of the head, idk.

    Doesnt help that lag and netcode play a role. Just recently in a duel, I had my stab go right through a guy yet it didnt register as a hit. I asked the guy about it and he said the stab was way off to the left. So its entirely possible on your screen hes right in front of you, but on his screen he is at your side. Idk, its all speculation.

  • Yes, I know that… I am not talking about Footwork and the edges… These hits are not hitting on the edges of my block these are directly on me in the middle and my block does not block.

    Since I have put this up, people in-game have noticed this issue as well. So it is not a footwork issue. I will say it could be latency or lag that is the culprit, as you said later.

  • I’ve been hit and killed through a heavy shield block with full stamina.
    Playing on Xbox and have disabled crossplay since and it’s much better now.
    To me it felt like hacking as the sound of the shield being hit was still registering.

  • I’ve noticed some odd stabs getting through my blocks sometimes, especially with the spear. Doesn’t happen a lot so hard to determine if it’s just getting around my block or a netcode issue.

  • Been playing for 5 days or so and thought block was fine. Today it seems broken. I’ve been killed from attacks from the front with block up and stamina. This has happened repeatedly. In most cases it was when multiple players attacked at once.

    Previously when that happened I blocked and could riposte. Now I just seem to die without the opportunity. If I do get a chance to riposte it does not protect me as it did before.

  • @Bob-Gnarly I have not tested it but with the lance that you can pick up on some maps. I swear if my target is close so lance goes through them when I use stab I can just stab thought block sometimes. Something like that happens when I have a weapon with a lot of reach and weapons attack reach through them or sometimes it’s a hit and at other times just looks I stab though and it did nothing. Can you tell what weapon this is happening with or is it all weapons?

  • The short sword is getting through blocks at short range. I’ve done it myself. Specifically stab. You can stab through block.

    Also the waraxe seems to bypass frontal blocks at close range. And it seems to disarm very quickly.

    In the tutorial it says riposte protects you from all attacks for a short time but doesn’t appear true. I wonder how much time it’s supposed to protect you.

  • @TheTrueObelus having this exact same experience. Didn’t happen before yesterday but I was getting so frustrated for 3 different glitches. One was block not blocking, especially with a freaking giant shield. The shield class I had worked on specifically just to unlock the spear, which ALSO wasn’t working. Over 3/4 of my spear stabs were going right through enemies faces and doing absolutely nothing, leaving me open to getting wrecked. Also riposte was absolutely positively not protecting me from anything at all. It barely blocked anything. Hope they fix this.

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