One of the best game i played in over 30 years <3

  • Hehyo Warriors, Knights, Berserkers and ProArchers xD

    So i dont jump on a forum very often to be honest…but hell yeah this game hits me so hard and im totally in love with it <3
    You all really did an amazing job, im glad to play it on a RTX 3080 and it looks and feels unbelievable nice…
    This is a true breathtaking game for me.

    Im playing games over 30 years and there are a lot of nice games out, but as a old fan of HIGHLANDER, BRAVEHEART…
    I can tell ya this is a game experience everbody needs to feel. For sure its not a type of game for everybody yeah yeah i know they have to like it^^
    But the ones who will, gets amazing game feelings i mean not only the stunning graphic is insane, the all arround sounding is awesome, you can hear very well everything arround you, sword chings, battlecries, wounded comrades, screaming comrades or enemies.

    I mean sure they say movie game experience, but that they did it in such a great way is really more attention worthy.
    This games needs to become big i mean really BIG no joke… I really would like to see that and im in for support for sure ;)
    Allready did funny and amazing clips and i will drop them very soon ;)
    So big THX for this awesome game TORN BANNER STUDIOS <3
    Cant wait to step into the new beatiful map and to blow some ships up hrhrhr

    Wish all of you a nice weekend and see ya at the battlefield ;)

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