Quality of life suggestions, adding more as I progress.

  • Hello,

    I am a gamer and one of my previous jobs as been to e.g. check company website about ease of access so that users would have as easy time navigating there.

    I’m a kind of person who notices quite quickly all meaningless repetitive actions user is forced to do manually and those could be avoided with just some changes in code. I also notice if user is expected to perform some actions without given thorough lesson on how to perform those actions. My feedback on this thread will focus on those two areas. Simply said, improving the quality of life of the player. I will add more posts as I discover new things that I consider worth pointing out. Here’s my first post:

  • Yes, while a minor inconvenience, nothing bugs me more then loading the server browser, selecting my filters, try to join a game thats 62/64, turns out the server is full and boots me out of the server browser. You have to reload the server browser, reselect your filters etc etc etc…

    Its like a paper cut, not a big deal but man is it annoying lol.

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