Skirmishers need a rework.

  • Skirmishers are in a terrible spot right now. They’re suppose to be decent at range and decent at melee and right now they’re mediocre at best for both, and honestly they feel terrible in both.

    For range, the chunkiness of the throwing animation means keeping your aim on target / leading them is hard and the reward for landing your javelin isn’t even that impressive. 85 for torso, 67 for limbs and 127 for head means the only class you’re threatening for a headshot is other archer line classes.

    Softening them up for a melee encounter is a great thought, but you’re animation locked after you throw a javelin and if any enemy is close enough to you they can soft lock you before you can even pull out another for melee. Theoretically if they don’t charge at you quick enough and you are able to pull out a javelin for melee, you only have enough stamina for one / max two blocks before you’ve lost. If I remember correctly the javelin does 40 damage with its stab, meaning the only class you threaten with a javelin torso shot and one stab is once again, fellow archer lines.

    The throwing animation for javelins should be reworked, and the special should be reworked to be a running javelin throw with vastly increased speed and a much more linear trajectory. If you guys don’t want to buff javelin damage to be a headshot kill against vanguards, at least make the special do more headshot damage. Also keep Skirmishers squishy but please buff their stamina to at least 80.

  • I completely agree with the recovery after throwing a javelin, it just takes too much time before we can be able to defend ourselves or attack again. It renders the Skirmisher super vulnerable for a long time, and the low stamina doesn’t help.

    The rest seems somewhat fine though, you have to remember you’re just a skirmisher, you’re not a melee-focused combatant. You’re not supposed to go toe-on-toe with opponents, you’re supposed to be a support for your melee-focused teammates and help them by distracting their opponents from their engagements.

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