Chivalry Classic Mode

  • So, now that chivalry 2 is out and i’ve spend some time with it, I can honestly say, chivalry 1 is better than chivalry 2 and mordhau. I miss timed blocks, reverse overheads, hit trades, being able to crank my FOV to 160-165. Mordhau and chivalry 2 seem to leave out the best things chivalry 1 had to offer. I want the devs to port chivalry 1 into the UE5 engine and leave the gameplay exactly as is. It should just go under a “classic” tab in the main menu to switch between chivalry 1 and chivalry 2. Not sure how hard a feat would be, but if the devs made it happen i guarantee people would play “classic” mode. Chiv 1 still has a dedicated group of players who don’t want to switch over. Me included.

    Thanks for listening. Cheers!

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    Lol this would be the dream. Porting Chivalry 1 into UE4 would take a lot of time and resources, and TBS don’t think that it would return enough revenue to be worth it.

  • @Skindiacus I would totally spend another 20-40$ if the devs made it a thing! I hear you though.

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