i want hacking addressed

  • i know that pc hackers are tweaking the game. you guys can deny it all you want.

    its a forest fire. i can see it in every single match. you have at least two pc players with tweaked swing speed damage and increased block time… and now i’m noticing that they have been increasing archer health.

    it needs to be looked into. why do you not have a system for reporting players?

    I ALSO want to know why they are able to crash my playstation to blue screen everytime i encounter them???!!! 🤯

    currently the game is so assed up that depending on how many pc hackers you have on the team determines a win or lose. good job on leaving holes for hackers to exploit guys… 🙄

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    There is a system to report players. You can do it from the leaderboard. The main way to submit evidence right now is through modmail in the Discord www.Discord.gg/Chivalry2.

    The reporting system is limited at the moment, but hopefully it will be better later.

  • @Skindiacus

    i’m not going to do your/their jobs for you/them. piss off and do it yourselves… PLAY THE DAMN GAME YOURSELVES.

    get to work!!! or we will stop spending money on this BS game.

    i’ll do you a sold here and give you another observation. the pc moders/hackers are now disguising their in game tags to look like ps4 and xbox gamertags.

    it’s a mess!!!

  • Haven’t noticed anything like that happening.

    This is actually one of the few games where hacking has not been an issue.

    But I guess you died, so everyone is hacking am I right? No one will take you seriously without proof.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Your tone is a bit off, so when I saw this I thought like Bob Gnarly that you’d had a bad night and were venting. However I also have been frustrated lately with increased regularity. I’m seeing god like archers and opponents that just cant be hit and can beat me to a hit even if i have the ‘initiative’ (yes I understand the mechanics) I’ve been chalking it up to network issues (netcode) and maybe there’s more teething issues due to cross platform. I’m PS5 myself and I only seem to be experiencing these oddities with PC players.

    So after reading your rant I had a quick google and I hate to say it but your right. There are hacks/cheats already in circulation which do all these things and a lot more. I’m not going to link or inadvertently promote but for me I think I’m done with cross platform until this has been addressed.

    The problem I now have is if I disable cross play, not only does it take longer to find a game (which I’m ok with) it still puts me in a match with mostly pc players.

    This game is so much fun and amazing when it’s working correctly. I’ve lol’ed, ranted and been exhilarated in the same 5 mins. No other game has felt like that for me but the last few days it’s been a shit show.

  • Things like speedhacks and aimbots in Chivalry 2 are easier to spot than in games like CS. If you have the facility to record them then try doing that. Unfortunately at the moment the game is quite glitchy so you might think you see a hack but it is the game itself.

    If there was active admins on the servers they could help. Currently around 2 weeks after launch i have yet to see any admin in a server and the votekick system is very flawed at the moment.

    This is a few of the reasons i’ll setup my own server once we have the tools.

  • @Hanska

    1. If you see someone hacking, report them using the in-game tool.
    2. If you report them in-game, report them on Discord as well. This greatly helps in getting them banned.
    3. You NEED to back this up with evidence. It’s not good enough to simply say they’re cheating, you need proof. Yes, YOU need proof. The onus is on you to prove what you claim.
    4. “Their” job? The report tool exists for a reason. If nobody is reporting them, Mods cannot see that they are cheating.

    Don’t whine if you’re not willing or able to help catch cheaters when you see them.
    This does nothing to help the situation, and does nothing to help your image.

  • @Mista-Pengin said in i want hacking addressed:

    If you see someone hacking, report them using the in-game tool.

    I could be wrong but on console there isn’t as yet an in game tool to report anyone. At least, not that I’ve noticed. The console options are very limited as to what you can do. I know theres quite a few PC features that haven’t made it to console yet.
    including cheating ;)

    Agreed though, just rating doesn’t help anyone.

  • @LordGreybeard Wow, really? No reporting on console? That sucks, man.
    Being able to report griefers is the only thing keeping me sane in Chiv at the mo, haha.

  • PLEASE DEVS, let disable crossplay on consoles.

    Or do crossplay between consoles / XSX / S / PS4 / PS5 (the best option).

    Currently, when you disable it, the game continues to join you with players from other platforms.

  • 1.) Free hacks were even working in beta. This is because Chiv 2 pretty much has one of the (if not the) worst Anti cheat in the industry. It might as well be non-existent. (aka EAC). Additionally, the engine isn’t new by any standards, thus adapting injection style “hacks” for Chiv 2 is also easy.

    2.) Whilst I have not personally observed HP modification like the OP is claiming the cheating is pretty rampant. Perhaps even 1-2 per match isn’t that much of an exaggeration. Some are simply not that noticeable AND since the game does not use…say… Hitscan hit detection like some games (CS and most of CoD), it is more difficult to spot. Ontop of that, Chiv 2 has the hit detection (netcode) of a 2001 title… NOT a 2021 title. It is VERY poor.

    3.) The most common cheats active in Chiv 2 are:

    • Block bot. This one is pretty noticeable. Ever surrounded someone with your team mates and they block every strike, even from the rear?
    • Stam injection (CE). Also fairly noticeable. Someone just holding block indefinitely, unable to retaliate but also never loses stam and you (and in many cases the multitude of others hitting them) run out of stam and that is when they kill you all. This is usually used in conjunction with the next one.
    • Max Init. Pretty self explanatory.
    • Clipping
    • Cancel of animation but not action. Also pretty obvious. Enemies that bandage instantly without animation. Enemies who cancel to parry your strike but you still magically take damage every time (and they block your hit)

  • @ShadowbaneR

    A lot of claims but zero evidence. Whats the Max Init one? If someone is holding parry indefinitely and never losing stamina thats very easy to see so just record and send to torn banner = perma ban for that person. It is very easy to gain stamina back in this game…i very rarely run out of stamina.

    The only one of those you mention that is a concern is the blocking bot as this can be disguised as just glitchy behaviour of Chiv 2 hitboxes unfortunately.

    What region are you in?

  • 1.) I do record quite often and have given Epic significant amounts of evidence, even since beta. I will not go above and beyond to do extra work for them though when they refuse to use anything other than the absolute worthless EAC system.

    2.) Max init. It allows players to perform counterattacks and proceeding combo with every swing regardless if an attack was blocked or attacked at all.

    3.) Stam injection is common, likely done by ** which works undetected for every single title “protected” by EAC. Also free…
    In many cases it is easily observed (especially if it is the ONLY cheat the player has active), like players holding block, eating overheads, Heavy swings and the like without stam drain and without successfully counter attacking.

    4.) Blocking bot was VERY common in Chiv 2 and was even common in Mordhau, although the past tense there can easily correlate with population decline. However, this one is very easy to notice. Some people even post videos of themselves using this very clearly knowing the majority is too naive and not observant enough to notice. Simply getting virtual high fives for what appears to be skilled gameplay. Easily observed with players blocking strikes in their exact rear, and has very similar effects of a typical aimbot as the player has the ability to setup a hotkey which will tab between enemy character models typically resulting in the “crosshair” jumping to the direct dead center of an enemy model (sometimes not even one that was previously in their PoV) or somewhere on the very center vertical axis. When the offending player uses this feature, you will notice very inhuman “tab targeting” behavior when many players are striking them.

  • @K-A-N-E

    I have found players who have infinite stamina and they didn’t fight back, they just blocked. I play on XSX. This is real. Cheats, netcode … ?? I don’t know. But it is real. And other weird things: phantom attacks pierce the bodies (hitbox fails), enemies that when you attack them and mortally wound them disappear and teleport, and a long etcetera.

    The game needs a patch, stabilize the servers and let us console users play with each other and keep pc gamers away.

  • Yeah apparently cheaters are rampant, but still no one has posted any evidence.

    If you want to get any traction, then started posting your proof.

    Your suspicions mean nothing without anything to back it up.

    I hate cheaters as much as the next guy, but this thread useless.

  • @Bob-Gnarly

    we don’t need to show you 😂

    i already contacted sony. and we all know how they feel about crossplay 🤣

    instead of contacting tornbanner… i went straight to the real bosses. i hope they know it was me. 😂 bye bye

  • Gimme a break. Just cause people are better than you, no reason to cry ‘hacking’ LOL

  • @Hanska Yes, you do need to show us.
    You come on to these forums to complain about hacking.
    The onus is on you to prove, on these forums, that your claims are true.
    You owe every user on these forums the evidence to prove your claim.
    Without evidence your words mean nothing.

    If any mods are on, please, delete Hanska’s “hacker” posts if he will not present evidence.
    Nobody should be allowed to claim anything without backing it up with evidence.

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