why the bad things

  • Why is there a limit to the amount of archers on a map? Why is it when an archer gets a headshot on certain classes it’s not a 1 shot kill? Especially with a crossbow? Headshots are supposed to be rewarding, you’re just encouraging longbow kittens which make archers as a whole look absolutely useless.

    How am I getting flanked in a castle I’m defending? That makes no sense, especially since the gates are still very much in tact. Whens the patch coming out that makes skill matter? Right now it’s just everyone rush a guy or group of guys and see which group comes out alive.

    Why is my constant countering not rewarded with a clean hit on an enemy? I see counter success pretty much all the time but they’re still blocking the counter. I’m also using lighter faster weapons playing as an ambusher or archer, so a counter should definitely mean a solid connection. That just tells me I should be using a heavy weapon class because playing as a lighter class carries almost zero advantages.

    Why isn’t crossplay out despite it being toted about before release? That’s kind of half assing a product. Why on earth do you have all these classes but none of them do remotely anything different besides have different weapons? They all function the same besides the weird stat bonuses that just turn the game into a RPG. Which means you lower the skill cap further by introducing variables such as higher health and weapon damage that you have no control or influence over.

    Thank God for G2A, I’d have been really pissed off spending more then 20$ on this. Do better.


  • I am so glad people like you are never taken seriously. All of your suggestions have been beyond trash, in fact I don’t even need to get into it and point out one by one which ones suck because all of them do, and I don’t think trying to teach you or give you some kind of advice would help, you would probably not give a damn and continue to think headshotting Knights should one shot kill, not that the Knight character has a helmet or anything xD

    But forget about realism, it is not about realism, it would be so unbalanced if there were more archers and if they were buffed, you would turn the damn game into a new Call of Duty but with bows. Bows and Crossbows are already quite easy to use. Just shoot at a mob xD, no need for good aim if you position well. Crossbow does immense amount of damage, two shotting almost all classes if not all.


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